6pm: Kids Team (8-11 y.o.)
7pm: Role Neutral Salsa (Int)
8pm: Role Neutral Bachata (Int)


6pm: Kids Team (5-7 y.o.)
7pm: Technique Class (Open level)
8pm: Performance Training (Open level)


12pm: Role Neutral Salsa (Beg)

1pm: Role Neutral Bachata (Beg)
2pm: Styling Class (Open level)
3pm: Footwork Class (Alternating between Salsa/Bachata - Int/Adv level)

4pm: Ballet/Stretching Class (Beg)

***All the classes are drop-ins, join anytime***

Class Description

Freestyle like a champ: Have you always been afraid or uncomfortable to improvise during socials? Then this class is for you! Learn how to freestyle salsa and bachata by learning more about musicality, how to modify/enhance simple steps and simply practice in a safe space with help of your instructor.

Flexibility Class: In this class main concentration is on stretching exercises that will improve your overall flexibility. Please bring elastic bands with you.

Latin Heels: This class is a fusion between "Heels dance style" and "Latin dance". We will start with warm up and drills that will make you more comfortable in heels. Afterwards we will learn short choreo combo.

Role Neutral Salsa: In this class every dancer has a freedom to choose if they would like to lead or to follow.

Role Neutral Bachata: In this class every dancer has a freedom to choose if they would like to lead or to follow.

Technique Class: Learn fundamental technique principles that will help you to improve your body movement, speed, balance, sharpness, and more.

Performance Training: Learn how to improve your stage presence, work on creating powerful performances, manage nervousness and more. Each week we will explore different topic through series of exercises.

Ballet Class: Learn Fundamentals of Russian Ballet Technique that will help every Latin dancer to improve their lines, posture, balance, strength and flexibility. Class includes exercises at the barre and center, stretching, turns, and jumps.

Styling Class: Learn how to enhance your dancing by adding arm styling, footwork variations, musicality, body movement, and more. Principles learned will be applicable to salsa, bachata and cha cha. Open to men and women.

Footwork Class: In this class you will learn short footwork combos that you'll be able to use during social dancing. Each week we will be alternating between bachata and salsa on 2.

Kids Teams: Each practice will begin with warm ups and stretching, proceeding with steps from different Latin Rhythms such as salsa, bachata, cha cha, and more. The class will learn an entire dance routine to be performed.

Level Description

Beginner: No experience required to join a class

Intermediate: 6 months minimum of previous knowledge of salsa and bachata required.

Open Level: Suitable for students of any level